ULTRAPro works like nothing else...
1) ULTRAPro consists of a unique polyculture of micro-
algae grown by absorbing Sunlight and CO2 while being fed
with specific nutrients during production that will feed both
the plant and the other microbial life within the soil providing
the healthiest possible quality soil available at any price.

2) Once ULTRAPro is applied to your soil, it penetrates and
continues to grow, working symbolically with the existing
microbes in your soil.

3) ULTRAPro having been fed the basic N-P-K, Calcium,
Magnesium and other nutrients needed by plants and soil for
ultimate crop health.

4) Ambient nutrients in the air, such as Nitrogen, Oxygen and
Carbon, are absorbed by the ULTRAPro micro-algae that feed
the roots increasing the nutrient uptake to the plant.
Something that only organic ULTRAPro living algae can do.

ULTRAPro being a super liquid concentrate, also makes it
easy to apply either during your normal watering or while
adding other products with your regular feeding regiment.

ULTRAPro: the Ultimate in Sustainable Regenerative
Solutions, for Soil, Plant Performance!

ULTRAPro is more then just your ordinary organic
supplement, it is a living fresh water micro-algae with
specific microbial supplements added, scientifically designed
to regenerate depleted soils and maintain existing healthy
ones, which maximizes the nutrient output of your crop
giving the fruit of your of harvest the ultimate in taste,
flavor and growth.
ULTRAPro’s living algae decompresses the soil strata,
similar to that of worm castings and creates aggregates
thus trapping water, reducing the need for over watering.

ULTRAPro also produces microbial growth which is
essential for healthy soil. The longer UltraPro is used the
deeper It penetrates and remains in the soil keeping your
soil healthy harvest after harvest. Just like rooted plants:
algae are photosynthetic though because they have no
roots to dissimulate the carbon from Therefore, they are
forced to store large amounts of carbon within
themselves. This means that the organic matter that
decomposes also makes available those nutrients to the
soil during the plant cycle. As they mature and decompose
nutrients are released Into soil similar to that of worms
castings which becomes bio-available in the soil and for
the plant to thrive as nature intended.

ULTRAPro is scientifically developed, grown organically, to
ensure nutrient rich healthy soil, the highest yields
possible, full of natural taste and flavor. UltraPro, is safely
applied multiple times from seedling to harvest.

We Make Organic Simply Better
. It's Beyond Organic!
Nitrogen _________________
Phosphorus ______________
Potassium _______________  
Boron ___________________
Calcium _________________  
Copper _________________
Iron ____________________
Magnesium ______________     
Manganese ______________     
Ortho Phosphorus _________
Sulfate __________________
Zinc ____________________

Other Foods & Contents:
Total Microalgae (cells/ml) ____ 4 million
Other (Supemate & Water) ___  98.00%
Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients.  
Guaranteed Analysis:
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Trust Me!  I am an
expert, ULTRAPro is
Beyond Organic.
Your crops will know.
How ULTRAPro Works
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